Things to do
Here are some activities you can enjoy after your visit with us. You can also find more information on the High Coast’s shared tourist page, which you can find here.

Härnösand Car Museum
Sweden’s largest with over 300 cars. Located centrally in Härnösand. Distance from Hemsö Fortress: 26 km.

Härnö Trail Kidz – adventure course
A track spanning a few hundred meters in cozy spruce forest and on open rock faces consisting of 13 obstacles, or rather adventures. Each adventure is named after a location along the long Härnö Trail, and there is also a small mission connected to each adventure. No entrance fee, free to use. Located on Vårdkasberget just outside Härnösand center, with a beautiful view over parts of the High Coast.
Distance from Hemsö Fortress: 31 km.

Science center, fun and interesting for the whole family. Located in central Härnösand.
Distance from Hemsö Fortress: 27 km.

Västernorrlands museum 
Both museum with exhibitions and open-air museum with buildings and environments. Located on the outskirts of central Härnösand.
Distance to Hemsö Fortress: 25 km.

Hernö Gin
The world’s most award-winning gin. They have been producing gin since 2011. They offer tours of their facility and gin tastings. Located in the countryside 10 km west of Härnösand.
Distance to Hemsö Fortress: 29 km.

High Coast Whisky
VAt the banks of the Ångerman River lies High Coast Whisky, known for producing Single Malt Whisky. They offer tours and tastings. Distance from Hemsö Fortress: 75 km.

Mannaminne Mannaminne is a living village where there are always exciting things to discover. Not only the permanent attractions but also concerts, children’s activities, temporary exhibitions, festivals, and much more. Distance from Hemsö Fortress: 57 km. Webb

Härnösands Golf & Glass offers adventure golf / mini golf at Kronholmskajen in central Härnösand. Distance from Hemsö Fortress: 26 km.