Support Facilities

In the support part of the facility, you’ll find the supporting components of the facility. This is also the part that we first visit on our journey through the mountain. The support section consists of a Hospital, Machinery Hall with diesel generators, workshops, Lodgings, and a Kitchen equipped to serve 340 people daily. The equipment includes three large steam cooking vessels, two griddles, a stove, and a dishwashing room. The mess halls were divided by rank. At the top of this side, we see the mess hall for the conscripts, which is also the largest, as they were clearly overrepresented in number. There were two more mess halls in the facility, one for the higher-ranking officers where you can also see the current King Carl XVI Gustaf’s autograph on the wall; this is also where the convicted spy Stig Bergling spent some time. On the other side of the kitchen, there is also a mess hall for the non-commissioned officers. The diesel-powered generator, a NOAB Polar, with its 8 cylinders and 445 bhp, could generate 370 kW with 400 Volts and 535 amperes of strength at 600 revolutions per minute. This was sufficient to power everything in the fortress for 90 days.