Our Most Modern Facility

Measurement Station ARTE 719 Kläffsön. It was ready for use in 1970. At the measurement station, surveillance and fire control for the guns at Storråberget were ensured. On the surface, only a small wooden shed hides the entrance to the facility, along with a radar antenna, an armored dome with a TV camera, and a laser rangefinder. The building above the entrance is part of the facility’s camouflage, as it looks like any fishing hut found on the island.

The main part of the facility extends 40 meters into the mountain in four floors. To protect against ground shaking during bombing attacks, it is built on a steel frame resting on large spring suspensions.

From the entrance, a staircase leads down to the next level with a shock wave barrier. On this level, there is also the machinery room. In the floor below is the fire control center with the ARTE 719 system. The accommodation for twenty men is on another level down, and at the bottom of the facility are the kitchen, dining room, storage rooms, and tanks for water, diesel, and sewage. There were also several emergency exits from the facility.

Additionally, there is an older observation post in stone and concrete near the facility and twelve rifle pits that are now sealed.

The facility was manned by 15-17 people and includes a kitchen, dormitories, storage rooms, etc.

As the facility is difficult to access, visits are only available for pre-booked groups.

  1. Distance Measurer
  2. Radar Antenna
  3. Air Intake
  4. Shock Wave Barrier
  5. Engine Room
  6. Fire Control Center
  7. Engine Room
  8. Barracks
  9. Kitchen, Storage, and Dining Room
  10. Storage
  11. Fuel Tanks